Cruise Vacations Allow You To Unpack Once and See the World

Shortly before midnight on April 14th, 1912, the largest, most luxurious passenger ship in the world, the Titanic, struck an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage. The Titanic was built by England’s great White Star Line and was heralded as being “unsinkable.” What’s difference between the Titanic and today’s cruise ships? Everything! Unlike the Titanic, modern cruise ships are unsurpassed in design, safety features and emergency operations. Not only are they beautiful and luxurious, these ships have come a long way since 1912!
Cruise vacations have steadily risen in popularity since the 1960’s. Early ships carried between 600-700 passengers; today’s cruise ships carry as many as 5,000 passengers. They typically contain swimming pools, movie theaters, restaurants, live music and dancing entertainment, five-star cuisine, casinos, an ice rink, nine-hole miniature golf courses, beauty salons with spas, barber shops, and retail clothing and accessories stores. For the duration of your cruise you’ll find every luxury accommodation and service that you’d ever want!
In addition to elegant and safe designs, cruise ships today can take you to ports of call never imagined in 1912. World travel aboard these seafaring cities can take you to Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, Barbados, Costa Rica, Jamaica, South America, Mexico, Alaska, Central America and even Antarctica. Such excursions are not as costly as one might think; many cruise lines offer discount travel packages that are very affordable.
The best way to book a cruise is through a travel agent. The agent will describe cruise lines like Princess, Carnival, Royal Caribbean and others, plus all the amenities available to you on these lines. For example, the U.S. liner Queen Mary 2 is the largest of all cruise ships in length, width and height. In addition to other luxuries, this stunning ship has four outdoor swimming pools, an indoor pool, a 20,000 square-foot spa, and a six-story high atrium! Your travel agent will also explain pricing options, passport requirements, all ports of call, currency exchange, travel insurance, and many other details of your selected vacation.
When you think of the cruise of your dreams, imagine relaxing on an outdoor deck watching the azure sea roll by as the playful dolphins and the majestic whales surface alongside you. Imagine luxury accommodations, exquisite cuisine, all sorts of sports, entertainment and self-pampering. Most of all imagine the exotic and beautiful ports of call your cruise ship will visit. If ever there will be the premiere vacation of your lifetime, this is the one!

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