Poker: Not A Man’s Game Anymore

Poker is a male dominated sport but there are also a number of very talented women in poker who not only hold their own but are up there battling it out and taking first places. Women have started to win games of poker and even manage to be better than men. Some of the women who managed to win in poker and are now in top : Kathy Liebert, Annette Obrestad, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Harman Traniello, Joanne Liu, Annie Duke, Clone Gowen and many more.

Men will always have the competitive edge, but an increasing number of female poker players are enjoying great success and there are certainly a higher percentage of poker girls have been dominating in the Poker industry over a long period of time. But, the picture is gradually changing as women have really made some drastic development in this game by practicing consistently on a long-term basis. So, women are not far behind. Women have learned each and every aspect related to poker game and emerging slowly but steadily as champion of new age online poker.

Today, Museumbola there are more than 10 percent of women poker players who are relatively successful. In every private game, about 1% are women. Adding this up, major poker tournaments would have to see these percentages grow as more and more women are getting involved in the game. It wouldn’t take long before a woman would win a world poker tourney. Increasingly, a great number of women are learning how to turn around male players by using erroneous beliefs and nonobjective attitudes toward them. This is a subtle advantage women hold over men, which can’t be read as a tell or a behavioral ploy.

But the woman’s greatest advantage over male players is exploiting their natural misconceptions about her. To them, a woman naturally lacks that killer instinct in a game, which makes them vulnerable to tough high-stakes players. With practice, discipline and emotional control, women players can be a lot better than just having a killer instinct in the game. She would win by objectivity, good attitudes and analytical skills. When men sees women as inferior these are players that hold a nonobjective view and therefore are possibly be not good players. Their views and their machismo attitudes can be turned around and be exploited by women. They will tend to misplay women. They would only realize their mistake when they’ve lost a lot of dough.

Women’s Poker Tournaments and Poker Clubs

Women dominated the poker world by having a several poker tournaments, poker clubs and poker magazine. Below are some poker events exclusively for women:

Annual World Poker Challenge

High Heels Poker Tour Open

Playboy’s Women of Poker

Turning Stone Empire State Hold’em Championships

WPC Awards (Women’s Poker Club)

Putri Bali Woman’s Poker Club

Poker is one of the games can be played by both men and women. Women have proven they can play as well as men and this thing you look at their huge fortunes. Men and women are often separated in sports and competitions that require a physical element to poker but they can compete on an equal footing.

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