Casino Surrender

Boyd Gaming Legendary Stardust Resort & Casino Initially To Give
Revolutionary Blackjack Game in Las Vegas
Casino Gaming, LLC officially launched a new Blackjack game
named “Casino Surrender” that is now out there at the Stardust
Resort & Casino. Casino Surrender is a Blackjack winning alternative
that forces the casino to surrender, producing a player an
automatic winner against the property.
Casino Surrender does not modify the standard game of
Blackjack. When playing Casino Surrender, regular Blackjack
guidelines apply but with an added winning alternative. That alternative
applies when: a player is dealt a two-card 20 and the dealer’s
up card is a 10-worth card and the dealer does not have
Blackjack that player now has the winning alternative to force the
casino to surrender and automatically win by maintaining the
original bet and in addition, winning half the quantity of the
original bet.
For instance, a player bets $100 and is dealt a two-card 20. If
the dealer’s up card is a 10-worth card and the dealer does not
have Blackjack, that player has the alternative to force the casino
to surrender and win. Hence the player keeps the original
$100 bet and wins $50.
This new alternative is comparable to the Insurance coverage alternative at present
out there, but is a greater percentage bet for the player.
“We think Blackjack players, informed with the information, would
opt for to sit at a Blackjack table with Casino Surrender
alternatively of a regular Blackjack table for the reason that players will have
the alternative to think about taking Casino Surrender at no added
threat,” stated Frank Mugnolo, developer and owner of Casino
Surrender. “It is the exact same ‘traditional’ Blackjack game with an
added alternative for winning. The Blackjack layout for Casino
Surrender is precisely the exact same as the frequent Blackjack layout
with an added ‘Casino Surrender’ logo printed on it.”
When playing Blackjack, and the dealer’s up card is a 10-worth
card, the player has to assume that the dealer has 20.
Statistics show that when a player has a two-card 20 and is
facing a dealer’s 10-worth card, the players will shed or push
practically 50 % of the time. With Casino Surrender, the
player now has a 100 % assured winning alternative against the
property when facing a dealer’s 10-worth card devoid of the hand
becoming Blackjack.

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