• China

    A World Outside Our Own

    A World Outside Our Own   by   Rutendo     I was raised by parents who love to live. One brave thing I took on from my parents is the love of adventure and discovery. My parents are not afraid of trying new things, …

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  • Togo 2


    The inspiring and resilient story of Germain Dosseh.  

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  • Richard Leakey

    Lessons from Middle School

    Leadership Lessons from my Middle School   by  Karim Ajania Skyping with the Cutlers Early this year, in January of 2015, Pencils for Africa skyped with Alan and Anne Cutler, who were teachers in Kenya and now live in Canada. The Cutlers taught at Hospital Hill …

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  • Pfastory

    Pencils for Africa

    Origins As we enter the autumn of 2015, Pencils for Africa will have been in operation for over 3 years and is now entering its 4th year of operation. Pencils for Africa (PFA) began earnestly in February of 2012 with a group of 4th grade …

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  • Scramble

    Everything Starts Somewhere

      by Karim How would we even begin to imagine the Unscramble for Africa ? Perhaps we can start from the Congo, the central core of the continent, and work our way outward to the other countries in Africa ? There are two definitions of the word “scramble” that apply …

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  • RutendoSSudan

    Vegan and Glutton Free in South Sudan

    Introduction by Karim I first met Rutendo Urenje ten years ago, in 2004, in Harare, Zimbabwe. I was in Zimbabwe as part of an educational program I was beta-testing, called The Brick Project, which was the subject of my doctoral thesis at the Harvard Graduate …

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  • Slum


    Howayou by  Sophia Ajania I kept a blog when I traveled to Kenya with my sister Davina three year ago and this is something I wrote on my blog: Before I left, my dad handed me a booklet he wrote about his childhood in Nairobi. …

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  • Schoolglue


    Glue. It makes us all stick together. In my mind. That is why I like to sniff it. You see? Me, I am working parking. I am to be best parking boy in this city You need parking sir? Madame? No problem You stick with …

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  • NPencilMaker

    The Pencil Maker

    by Karim The African dawn was now ripe and about to fall open as the pencil maker took his early morning walk amongst the acacia trees in the arid savannah. He was searching, as he did every morning, for the most elegant twigs with which …

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  • Kenya

    School in Kenya

      Less than twenty years before I was born, there was a gulag in my country. I knew nothing of it until 2006. This is the history I learned in school (Standard Three to Standard Five, Hospital Hill Primary School, Nairobi). The first man and first …

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