It makes us all stick together.

In my mind.

That is why I like to sniff it. You see?

Me, I am working parking.

I am to be best parking boy in this city

You need parking sir? Madame?

No problem

You stick with me and I find you best spot

I find you spot and then I wave you in

Then you can park your car and eat at fancy restaurant

Okay sir? Madame?

No problem.

All day I work parking

Then I go to glue bar

I know best mama pima, you see?

This mama pima she sells me glue at good price

She sells glue past the sugarcane sticks

Then I sniff the glue

Then everyone in my mind

They all stick together



Without glue nothing sticks, you see?

The big shot with his Mercedes Benz

And his family is in clean clothes

And his children in dark green school uniforms

With two yellow stripes on the sweater collar

Big shot’s children

They cannot stick with me

In my dirty clothes

With holes and tears

I have many tears, many tears

When I sniff glue

No more tears, no more holes

That is why I go to buy glue from mama pima

Past the mango seller I go and buy glue

Everything is now sticking together.


You see?

I am wearing school uniform now

Dark green sweater uniform for school

Two yellow stripes on the sweater collar

Yellow tie with dark green stripes

White shirt

Clean white with no holes

No more tears

Going to nice school now


I put on my spectacles

And I study my books at my desk

In the clean classroom


My father he is big shot now

He says to me you study good, son

You get good marks in school

And I will take you to fancy restaurant

So I study good, and now…

I am to be sitting in our big Mercedes Benz

No problem

My father he is to be parking our car now

Parking boy he is running to us

In dirty clothes

With holes and tears

He is waving us to a nice parking spot

We are happy

We are going to fancy restaurant

In our Mercedes Benz


My father he gives parking boy

Big tip

My father he is now a

Big shot

Parking boy he is now also happy

He has money


He has big tip from my big shot father now

So parking boy he takes his money from my father’s hand


He gives my father’s money to the hand of the mama pima

Mama pima she then gives parking boy fresh glue to sniff

Me, I am now going to fancy restaurant with my family

In my clean black shoes and my clean white shirt

I watch the parking boy in his dirty brown clothes

With holes and tears

He has many tears, many tears

Where is he going?

I ask my father where this parking boy is going

My father he says he is going to buy something

With his big tip

Will he buy some maize-meal, father?


Will he buy some mangos or some papaya, father?


A sugarcane stick, father?


What will he buy then, father?



Karim Ajania